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SV1789 35mm 5/8” with satin stainless steel compensator
SV1778 55mm 5/8” with satin stainless steel compensator
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TAPS Multiuse

Welcome to the world of multiuse taps, where passion for beer and attention to detail come together to offer an unparalleled pouring experience.

With a wide range of models, our taps are designed to meet all needs, from foam regulation to the versatility of pouring different beverages.

Beer quality is essential, and our taps ensure a constant flow and perfectly balanced foam thanks to the pressure compensator. You can savor every sip with the certainty of a fresh and creamy beer.

But the advantages of our taps are not limited to beer. With some models, you can also pour other beverages, such as cocktails, soft drinks, and water.

Versatility is our strength, and we are ready to meet any requirement!

We care about ergonomics and user-friendliness, and our taps are designed to be easy to handle and maintain. Thanks to the variable lengths of the spouts, from 30 to 55mm, and the corresponding diameters of 1.2" and 5.8", you can adapt the taps to different types of setups.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge dispensing equipment, ensuring high-quality performance and an incomparable taste of beverages.

We understand the importance of impeccable service and customer satisfaction. For this reason, each tap is built with top-quality, durable, and reliable materials.

Our multiuse taps will offer you the flexibility and excellence needed to stand out in the industry and provide an unforgettable pouring experience.

Choosing Savese multiuse taps means choosing:

- Versatility

- Quality

- Innovation